Blowing on the Hotspots: Youth Overnight

This Friday, the youth group got together for an epic overnight event. The night included a time of group games such as human foosball and four corners, as well as some fantastic ice cream sundaes. Then guys then headed up to “the lodge” for some male bonding time, including video games, a five hour game of risk, and manhunt in the snow
Meanwhile, back at the church the girls played some fun games testing their knowledge of One Direction and Taylor Swift lyrics, played Just Dance, did their nails, and sang some karaoke! Once morning came, the boys returned to the church to hang with the girls and eat some pancakes!
Amidst all the fun, relationships were built. Kids got closer to one another, the youth leaders, and God. Meaningful conversations were had, as kids sought God and found Him! 
All in all it was a great night!