September at The Neighborhood

This past Friday we launched The Neighborhood: Where Families Come to Eat, Play, and Pray. What an amazing time we had! The Neighborhood was filled with families eating together, playing together, and praying together. We played an incredibly fun round of Friendship Bingo, allowing us to spend time making friends with others. We enjoyed pizza and time chatting as we ate together. We worshipped God through song and dance; we heard the truth of God’s forgiveness towards us and were challenged to show that same forgiveness to others. 
Friends forgive each other was the truth we discovered this past Friday. What a powerful statement! Imagine what our church, our families, our neighborhoods, would look like if we lived grace filled, forgiving lives. When we rest in the forgiveness of Jesus, we are compelled to extend that same forgiveness to those around us. It is part of being for your neighbor.
If we are for our neighbor we will forgive them.
It’s not easy. It sounds simple, but, as adults, we know it’s not. Still, when we sit amidst a crowd of children who are eagerly waiting to discover what is going to happen to Peter who betrayed Jesus three times, our wonder is reawakened. We are equally as drawn into the story as we remember the incredible truth that Jesus forgave him – that Jesus forgives us. As we allow that sense of awe to rise up within us once more, we discover that there is a childlike faith and love that brings us to a place where the forgiveness we’ve experienced overflows to the people who have hurt us. Forgiveness becomes possible only when it flows from the one who forgave us.
This is what happens at The Neighborhood. People from all walks of life get to experience God together. Kids, teenagers, adults, all discovering life changing truths, encouraging one another, laughing with each other, and drawing closer to God. Where together we are drawn to the forgiveness of God that our Neighborhood might be one marked by grace.  
We can’t wait to see you again October 27th at 6pm as we explore Stewardship – Taking Care of What You Have Because It All Belongs to God. 

The Neighborhood: Helping Families Serve the Lord Together

“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
I love this verse from the book of Joshua. Joshua is giving the Israelites a choice: they can serve the Lord, or they can serve the gods of this world. It is a choice that every person has to make. Who will you serve? However, what really gets me about this verse, is the end, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” This choice, to live for God, is not one that Joshua makes only for himself, but for his household. 
Your family, your household, has a choice: to chase after the gods of this world, or to serve the Lord. This is a choice that individuals make, but it is also a choice God places before families. As a family, you must choose this day who you will serve, and God is calling you all, from your squirming toddler, to your hormonal teenager to boldly stand and declare, “we will serve the Lord.” 
However, doing this isn’t always easy. Life is hard. Kids are messy and whiny. Siblings fight, parents fight. The calendar is quickly covered with every kind of sport, dance, and instrument practice known to man. Before you know it, the phrase, “we will serve the Lord,” is simply that, a phrase. It looks pretty on a plaque above the door, but does it describe your family? 
Before you become discouraged, let me remind you: God knew it was going to be hard. He knew life was going to be chaotic at best sometimes. I think that’s why he called a nation, Israel, to himself instead of just one family. I think it’s why Jesus had 12 disciples instead of one. I think it’s why he established the church. Families are called to serve God as a household, but to do that they need to be deeply connected to the community of God. They need to be reminded: you’re not alone. 
Here at Oak Ridge we believe in partnering with parents, in coming alongside you as you declare that you and your household will serve the Lord. That’s why we created The Neighborhood. It’s a place where whole families can come experience God together. Where serving the Lord as a family isn’t just a nice idea, but a reality. 
Your family was created to serve the Lord, so join us at The Neighborhood: Where Families Come to Eat, Play, and Pray, so we can do just that!

News You Can Use: Fall is coming….

With Fall just around the corner we want everyone to know that this is going to be a great year here at Oak Ridge. Whether it’s worship, small groups, or service opportunities we have a place for everyone to plugin and get to know God, as well as each other, better.
This will be year 2 for our Saturday Night worship service. Its a great place to invite friends and neighbors who want to check us out in a laid back environment. And of course on Sundays we continue to have our traditional service at 8:30 am and our contemporary service at 10:30 am with Grow Groups and Coffee Hour at 9:30. 
This year we are going to break our grow groups into trimesters. The first will run from September 18 till December 18. The second round will start January 15 and conclude May 21. Summer sessions will run June-August. We are attempting to get more people in grow groups then ever before. Sign-up to be part of a community, you’ll be thankful you did!
We have all been gifted by God and have been called to use those gifts to serve others. If you would like to join a service team, check out the job descriptions located in the coffee area and get plugged-in today!

News You Can Use: Easter at Oak Ridge

Easter Resurrection Sunday Modern Church Website Banner
Easter is an exciting time in the life of the church. It’s a time to remember the sacrifice Christ made for us and to rejoice in his resurrection and the freedom it brings. Join us during Easter Week as we remember and celebrate. 
Maundy Thursday Service
March 24th is Maundy Thursday, the day we take time to remember the arrest of Jesus and the Last Supper. Join us for our Maundy Thursday Service Thursday, March 24th at 7pm. No child care will be provided, but we encourage you to bring your children with you as this will be a wonderful time to remember them why we celebrate Easter. 
Good Friday
Prayer Vigil
Good Friday marks the day Christ died for us and the curtain in the temple was ripped in two, allowing us to approach the throne of God, so let’s do that together through prayer praising Christ for his sacrifice, repenting of our sin, and bringing our cares and concerns to God. The prayer vigil will go from 7pm Friday March 25th to 7am Saturday March 26th. You can sign up for an hour shift at the welcome desk. 
Easter Extravaganza
We want our whole community to know the love of Jesus this Easter, and one way we do that is by holding our Easter Extravaganza, a free event for the families in our community. Keep your eyes open for volunteer and supply sign-ups and join us in spreading the joy of Easter! This event will take place Saturday March 26th from 10am-1pm. 
Easter Services
Join us as we celebrate the resurrected Jesus! Easter Services will be held during the normal weekend service times: Saturday 6pm, Sunday 8:30am, and Sunday 10:30am. Looking forward to celebrating with you!

News You Can Use: October

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Week to Week News
  • Our Saturday Night Service has begun! Join us, Saturday nights at 6pm
  • Grow Groups are off to a great start. If you haven’t joined a community yet, make sure to get plugged in! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with other members of our church family. 
  • Our kid and teen Grow Groups are also off to a wonderful start. Parents, make sure to connect with your children’s grow group leaders. 
Special Event News
  • Everfound is coming back to Herkimer! October 25th at 7pm they’ll be putting on an epic concert that you don’t want to miss. Tickets are $10. You can purchase them now at the welcome desk or online at
  • We’ll be doing our 2nd Annual Trunk-or-Treat on October 31st from 5-7pm. We want as many trunks as possible, so please sign up at the welcome desk. 
Monthly News
  • October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Take time to pray for and encourage our pastor this month as we show appreciation for the way he allows God to use him here at Oak Ridge. 
  • October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Take time to pray for the many women suffering from domestic violence. Take time to invest in your own family this month, and make sure you’re a healthy family serving God together.

News You Can Use: September

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Worship Service News

As many of you know, our services are changing this fall!
Here’s our new service schedule starting the weekend of September 12th-13th:
Saturday Evenings: 6pm
Sunday Mornings: 8:30am & 10:30am

Grow Group News

Our Grow Groups for the year are now open for sign-ups. We have 11 adult grow groups available. Our Grow Groups are where we are able to build community with one another and begin serving God together! You can see a list of our Grow Groups here. Plug-in to one today!

Family Min News

Not only are our adult Grow Groups starting, but so are our groups for kids and teenagers! Grow Groups for 0yrs-5th grade will take place at 6pm Saturdays, and 9:30 & 10:30 am on Sundays. Our teen grow groups will take place Sunday Nights from 5-7pm at the church and are open for teens 6th-12th grade. Make sure you get your kids involved and get to know their Grow Group Leaders. 

Event News

We have many special events coming up this fall! Here’s a quick sneak peak at the calendar: 
September 12th & 13th: Fall Kick-Off Weekend & Kindergarten, 6th Grade Promotion Celebration
October 25th: 
Everfound in Concert
October 31st:

News You Can Use: July

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Bonfire Ministry Website Banner
Family Camp is practically here! Several families in our church and 15 of our teens are ready and excited to attend! We’d love to have you join us, if even just for a day. Family worship services are held every evening at 7pm, and the Oak Ridge Quartet will be singing Sunday at 6:30pm. Join us, and be praying for all those involved in the camp that God would move and we would return on fire for Him!
It’s coming up quickly! We are so excited for our Vacation Bible School. You definitely want to be a part of this event. If you have kids, register them today and plan on being a part of our Very Important Parent group that week. We can always use more volunteers and supplies, so let us know if you’re interested in helping! 
Also remember our backpack service project! So far, we have raised 16 backpacks, and are looking to do many more! Donate backpacks and school supplies today!
At the Movies Church Night Ministry Website Banner
Following a week of Vacation Bible School, we will be holding a Family Experience (FX). This is a great way to wrap up a week of fun and growing closer to God. It is a fun event filled with dramas, praising God through song and dance, and hearing a Biblical truth in a creative way. This will take place Sunday morning, August 2nd at 10:30am and will be our only service that morning. Even if you weren’t involved in VBS, this is a great opportunity for you as well! This is where our church family lets the families of the community know we are here for them, not just one week in a summer, but all year round. 

Celebration Sunday 2015

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Celebration Sunday 2015 is Here!

It’s a day filled with excitement and joy, a day when we look back at all God has been doing at the Oak Ridge Free Methodist Church and look forward to what He has in store for the upcoming year.  Celebration Sunday is an opportunity to get to know people you don’t normally get to see.  Whether you attend the 8:30 service or the 10:30 service we’re all one big, happy family! So, join us after the 10:30 service for a church wide potluck lunch. Bring a dish to pass and come get to know all the wonderful people in the Oak Ridge Family while also getting to learn a little more about the mission and vision of Oak Ridge. 

News You Can Use: May

Valor Men's Retreat Religious Web Banner
Spring is here! The sun is shining, it’s actually warm outside, who could ask for anything better? Here at Oak Ridge, we’re excited for May not just because of the good weather, but because of the wonderful events we have coming up. Mark your calendars; you won’t want to miss these!
 Mystery Dinner Youth Fundraiser, May 9th, 6:00pm
Our teens are going to family camp! Come support them by attending a hilarious dinner where your entire menu is in code! You’ll be ordering everything down to your silverware, but don’t worry, we’ll provide the napkins! Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.
Mother’s Day & Baptism Sunday, May 10th
This Mother’s Day, make sure to bring your mom to church with you! We’ll be honoring all the wonderful women in our lives. Also, May 10th is Baptism Sunday, so join us as we celebrate those who have decided to proclaim that Jesus is Lord and have committed to following Him for the rest of their lives!
Celebration Sunday, May 17th
Every year we like to take time to look back to thank God for all He has done at Oak Ridge, while also looking forward to the coming year. It’s a wonderful celebration and time of getting to know one another a little better while also getting to hear more about the vision of the church. You definitely won’t want to miss this! Make sure to bring a dish to pass for the church wide potluck after the 10:30 Service. Look forward to seeing you there!

Holy Week at Oak Ridge

Resurrection Sunday Religious Website Banner
March 29th
March 29th is Palm Sunday. Join us as we continue through the Story, and get our hearts and minds ready for Holy Week.
April 2nd
April 2nd is Maundy Thursday. We’ll be holding a Maundy Thursday service at 7:00pm that evening as we reflect on Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.
April 4th
Easter is a time for Celebration so join us as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with our community at our Easter Extravaganza! From 10am-1pm we’ll be playing games, making crafts, eating snacks and finding eggs!
April 5th
Easter Sunday Services will be held at 8:30 and 10:30. We look forward to celebrating the resurrection with you and your families!