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Here at Oak Ridge, adults have the opportunity to join in a small group to grow in their relationship with Christ, stay plugged in, and develop relationships with others.
Check out our list of Grow Groups.
Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace”
6pm – Wessinger Home
423 W. German St., Herkimer
Led by Leah and Ethan Wessinger
“Join us as we discover how to manage our money God’s way! This class is open to adults of all ages. It’s never too late to learn how to budget, pay off debt and save for retirement. ‘Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.'” Register online at Enter Herkimer NY and follow the prompts given. There is a fee but the investment is worth every penny.
6:30PM – Schumske Home
811 Hillview Dr. Herkimer, NY
Led by Pastor Chris Schumske
For couples of all ages who are looking to develop a deeper intimacy with each other and their Creator!
“The Stones Cry Out!
The Bible and Archeology”
7pm – Cammarere Home
111 Sunrise Ct. Frankfort, NY
Led by Mark Cammarere
Our study begins with the old testament. although significant archeological contributions have been made to New Testament scholarship, the reliability of the NT text is well attested by study of the documents themselves.  However, many of the OT books are far more ancient-with the earliest originals likely penned by Moses in approximately 1500-1400 BC. Archeological finds provide a wondrous backdrop and window into OT life and times. Join us as we probe the historicity of our ancient faith!
“Snow Angels”
10AM – Church
838 W. German St. Herkimer, NY
Led by Cliff & Millie Williams
Snow Angels is a group where friendships are formed. This fall we will be studying the names of God, their meanings and how they apply to our lives. We also make time for prayer, devotions, fellowship, food and fun!
Crafters for Christ
2nd and 4th Tuesday’s
6pm – Church
Led by Donna Anglin and Elaina Burrello
Do you enjoy crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking or any sort of craft? Crafters for Christ hope to make things to share with our community and church while spending time together in a short devotional and fellowship. Join us as we use our God given talents to bless others!
“That the World May Know”
7PM – Church
838 W. German St. Herkimer, NY
Led by Jim Cotton
This study by Ray VanDerlaan illustrates how God guided His people to a specific place – the Promised Land. It is a unique video series that brings God’s Word to life with astounding relevance by weaving together the Bible’s fascinating historical, cultural, religious and geographical context.
“Tuesday’s Together”
7PM – Edmund Home
184 Finks Basin Rd. Little Falls, NY
Led by Joy & Allan Edmunds
Joining together in prayer, study, and fellowship focusing on the book of Galatians. All are invited and welcome!
“The Gospel of Matthew”
7PM – Church
838 W. German St. Herkimer, NY
Led by Vern Snyder
Join us as we take a deeper look into the Gospel according to Matthew!
“Intentional Parenting”
6:30pm Fischer Home 
315 Park Ave., Herkimer
Led by Pastor Chris Schumske
For young families looking to be Christ-centered in their parenting. “10 ways to be an exceptional parent in a quick fix world”
“More than Moms” 
1st and 3rd Wednesday’s
9:30AM – Church
838 W. German St. Herkimer, NY

Led by Lindsay Hand

Gathering bi-wekly, one meeting will be formatted with a live speaker and various discussion points, the other will be more informal. Our objective is to enrich the hearts of those who serve as moms. While we are woven together in motherhood, it is important to fill our cups as daughters of God so that we may more effectively pour out to others. Childcare and snacks provided!!
“Embracing Jesus’ Love”
Jesus Always Bible Study Series Vol 1
Led by Bonnie Muffett
Women together taking time to connect with each other as we look into the amazing love of Jesus! Join us as we grow together!
“Prayer Grow Group” 
6:30PM – Church
838 W. German St. Herkimer, NY

Led by Selma Proffitt

“I always pray with joy.” Phillipians 1:4
You are cordially invited to join us in prayer. Remember, prayer is not a duty, it’s a joy, a special opportunity for God to use our prayers to accomplish His purposes when we are in harmony with His will. We are beginning this year with a study of the minor prophets.
“Young Professionals”
7:30PM – Church
Led by Micah Handy
This Grow Group is for young professionals, (those out of college) seeking to connect with others in their same phase of life while connecting also with God. By taking time to go deeper into the passages of Scripture from each weekend’s message, we will be able to share the ways in which God is moving in our lives and the life of the church, while encouraging and challenging one another.
The Gospel of Mark
Every Other Saturday 
10AM – Church
Led by Vern Snyder
Calling all men!! Every other Saturday we will delve into the writings of Mark as he witnesses to the life of Christ!
Bible Study 
9:30AM – Church
Led by Gary Hopson
Open to teens and adults of all ages longing to gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for 45 minutes of study and discussion.
“Woman’s Impact”
1st and 3rd Sunday’s
5PM – Schumske Home
811 Hillview Dr. Herkimer, NY
Led by Maribeth Dempster
& Joann Schumske
Women gathering together to grow in our walk with God and in our walk with each other! We will begin with a study of the book, “everybody Always” by Bob Goff.
Grief Share 
6:30PM – Church
Led by Craig Fox
“It hurts to lose someone.” “Grief Share is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.” Join us on the road  to healing!