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Here at Oak Ridge, adults have the opportunity to join in a small group to grow in their relationship with Christ, stay plugged in, and develop relationships with others. Our Grow Groups run from September through May.
For the first time this summer, 2019, we are doing “ING” Groups. We want to continue to build relationships and have community with one another so check the list below. If you have not signed up and want to join a group call the office!
“Family BikING”
6:30pm – Various Places
Led by Bill Peterson
This is a family friendly group so bring your kiddos to go biking as a family.
6pm – Church
Led by Michele Maiorano & Pastor Chris
This is the group exclusively for our teens so if you are in grades 6th through 12th come join us, especially if you love the Avenger movies.
6:30pm – Church
Led by Walt Neimfz & Michael Gordon
Want to play some outdoor games with a relaxing group then this is the group for you. 
“Porch SittING” 
7:00pm – Sue’s Home
Led by Sue Fox
For women who just want to relax and enjoy the view while enjoying a nice cool summer tea.
Meal PreppING
4:30pm – Meghans Home
Led by Meghan Dineen
If you want to learn how to prepare you meals ahead of time for the upcoming week then this is the group for you!
Ice Cream Shop HoppING
6:30am – Various Places
Led Ruth Hall
If you love summer time because of the ice cream then join this group as they try a new ice cream shop each week.
5:30pm – Church
Led by Kelly Devins
This is for anyone who wants to get a work out in but in a fun group setting!
6:30pm – Kerith’s Home
Led by Jim & Nancy Cotton
Want more information about parenting from a couple who already went through it and wants to come along side and help you, then this is the group for you!
8:00pm – Schumske’s Home
Led by Joann Schumske
This is a family friendly group to toast marshmallows out by the campfire and enjoy the company of others.
10am – Various Locations
Led by Kayla Dempster
This is for parents (and grandparents) who are taking care of younger children during the day and want to get out and enjoy a walk with others!
9am – Various Locations
Led by Renee Cammarere
This is another biking options for those who are a little more serious about riding, while still enjoying the company.
Guys GrillING 
3:00pm – Mikes Home
Led by Mike Maiorano
Enjoy talking over the grill then this is the group for you!